Letter concerning last steam runs on the Central Vermont

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DescriptionLetter concerning last steam runs on the Central Vermont
FormatCorrespondence, Railroad
Record TypeCorrespondence
CollectionThe Joseph A. Smith Collection
CreatorCanadian National Railways
Date CreatedMarch 28, 1958
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SourceSmith, Joesph A.
Date AcquiredJuly 22, 2006
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Canadian National Railways
Central Vermont Railway
Montreal, Quebec


CANADAAN NATIONAL RAILWAYS Department of Public Relations Montreal, Que., March, 28, 1958. File: 4275-7 Mr. Joseph A. Smith, 2320 - 17th Street, Troy, N.Y. Dear Mr. Smith: Me have now heard from Mr. C.H. Lockhart, Superintendent of our Motive Power Department at St. Albans, concerning your request for information on ?last steam runs? Their records show that train #21 was operated by steam engine 6208 to St. Albans, and there taken off train and replaced by diesel units 4926-27. Your date of May 17th for the use of steam on additional sections of train 420 was incorrect. The 6202 and 6208 were used on trains #20 on April 18th, and records show that engine 6202 returned to Montreal on Advance #21 on April 22nd. This was the last steam run on, the Central Vermont. For your information, the last use of one of our own engines was C.V. 466 on April 6th, which operated a local train an to Richford and return. Yours very truly, for W.R. Wright Director of Public Relations.


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