The Consolidation

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DescriptionThe Consolidation
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12 THE CONSOLIDATION No. 63, the consolidation, was the granddaddy of all 2-8-0 or Consolidation type engines. She was designed in 1865 by Alexander A. Mitchell, brilliant master mechanic of the Lehigh Valley Railroad. Mitchell submitted drawings and specifi?cations to both the Grant and Baldwin locomotive works, but neither plant was equipped to build so large an engine. He finally persuaded Matthias W. Baldwin to install the necessary equipment for constructing the giant engine. On July 10. 1866, Mitchell?s iron monster puffed into the railroad town of Delano. Pennsyl?vania, to the cheers of Lehigh Valley workers. They named her Consolidation because two short roads had just been consolidated into the Lehigh Valley system. No. 63 performed so well that railroad men from far and wide went to Delano to see her. LEHIGH VALLEY RAILROAD


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