The Tiger

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DescriptionThe Tiger
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Baldwin Locomotive Works
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8 TIlE TIGER No. 134, the Tiger, 4-4-0 or American type, was one of four similar eight-wheelers all named after fierce members of the animal and insect kingdom, that M. W. Baldwin & Co. built for the Pennsylvania Railroad in 1857. The others were the Leopard, the Wasp, and the Hornet. Like most locomotives of her time, the Tiger sported gay colors, ornate scrolls, and brass trimmings that were kept highly polished. Note too, the flag on her pilot beam. If you look closely with a magnifying glass, you can make out the figure of a tiger painted on her wooden cab and the tropical palm scene on her oilburning box headlight. It was not uncommon for locomotives built before the 1870's to be adorned with such paintings. One famous engine, for example, had a handsome portrait of Commodore Vanderbilt painted on her headlight. The Tiger weighed 59,100 pounds and had tall driving wheels, 66 inches in diameter, which could roll on level track at about 60 miles per hour. COVERDALE AND COLPITTS COLLECTION


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